Safe and Effective Tree Removal and Tree Cutting Services

Many Realtors will attest that 15% of your property value can be attributed to the overall appearance of your landscape. Neglected lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs in decline can take away from the value of your property.

Health Inspection and Treatment Services

Trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis. In the Amazonian rain forest, vegetative growth generates 20% of the world’s atmospheric oxygen.

Your trees shelter you, which means you want to ensure they remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Our team can help you strengthen and protect all the trees on your property using quality and innovative solutions that work.

Tree safety is an essential element of tree service and something our team is dedicated to providing.

If severe weather is predicated to strike, we can come before hand to remove any decaying or dead branches and trees. We can also offer a pre-storm inspection to take steps to save your tree in case that bad weather does hit.

Not all tree issues are evident or apparent. While this is true, when you call us you have a team of highly trained individuals who know how to spot weak and potentially hazardous trees and take action before serious issues arise. These services safeguard your family, pets, assests, and more. If you are worried about possible storm damage or other problems related to a weak or decaying tree, contact us for an inspection and service to ensure serious issues don’t arise.

Just the facts…

Two mature oaks can produce enough oxygen for a family of four plus clean the carbon dioxide produced by their two cars. Did you know that a mature oak can absorb over fifty gallons of water a day. That is a standard bathtub full of water or 417 pounds in weight.

If you live in the Rock Hill area, there are likely more than a few tree service
providers to choose from. While this is true, there are several reasons to call us,
instead of the competition.

For example, we offer:

1. Prompt and courteous response
2. Reliable and complete work
3. An array of service options

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, which means you can count on us to provide the quality services that you need without any risk of damages or injuries. If an issue does occur, we have the coverage to minimize the impact.

You can count on our team to deliver quality services in a timely manner. When you call us for any tree service, you can feel confident our crew will arrive on time and come equipped with all the tools and equipment needed for the job at hand. This ensures the work can be taken care of, and the amount of time you are unable to use your yard or property is limited.

Regardless of if you need tree removal, pruning, trimming, or just a well-check for your trees, we have you covered. Even better, you can feel confident that our services are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team knows trees and we are here to share our knowledge and abilities with you to ensure your trees remain healthy and that they stay healthy longer.

If you need tree service, for any reason, call us. Our team can provide a consultation if required, and then provide you with an estimate of costs for the services you need. This will ensure you get the solutions desired for an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. You won’t be disappointed, and we guarantee our services so you can feel confident that quality results will be achieved.

Crown Cleaning and thinning

Crown Cleaning and thinning requires experience and a thorough understanding of tree anatomy. “Topping,” “hat-racking” and “de-horning” – all names for a non-standard pruning procedure followed by many unqualified tree companies.

Many tree companies even advertise “Topping” in their brochures or on their website.

This pruning practice severely cuts back large trees to a predetermined size, not taking into account that these large cuts are made at locations where a tree has no natural defense against the wood-eating insects and decay organisms that can quickly destroy it.

The tree care industry representatives like TCIA and ISA caution that topping can increase safety risks and result in greater expense for the consumer… not a greater savings. A Certified Arborist will not top a tree.

Improper pruning cuts can lead to disease and even death over a period of time. Untrained “tree trimmers” can do way more damage than good and in most cases want be in business long enough to see their mistakes. Always hire an ISA Certified Arborist of professionals who are members of either the ISA or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) to trim your trees.

Proper Pruning Improves Weak Branch Structure

When multiple scaffold branches arise from the same area, the branch collars cannot knit together into a strong branch union. These branches become vulnerable to wind and snow damage. When training a young tree, we will often eliminate multiple branches arising at the same location depending on the age and size. Many common shade trees, including Maples, Bradford Pears, Poplars, and Elms naturally develop multiple branching at the same location and become structurally weak. The objective in structural training is to space scaffold branches appropriately distributed along the trunk structure.

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