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We will never TOP a Crape Myrtle commonly known as “Crape Murder.” (please don’t ask us to)

Just the facts…

The thinking that Crape Myrtles should be pruned back heavily or they won’t bloom, is a total myth. This bad pruning practice actually does severe damage to the tree.

Safe and Effective Tree Removal Services in Rock Hill, SC, Fort Mill, SC and surrounding areas.

Tree removal is just what the name implies – our team will come in and remove a problematic tree. If you have a tree that presents a hazard to people or property or that has become an eyesore, it’s in your best interest to have it removed right away.

You will find that our professional service providers offer removal work for any tree that is safe, meticulous, and prompt. We have found that people have many reasons to call our services, but one of the biggest is our proven reputation in the area.

Our tree removal experts use the proper tools and equipment to remove any tree from your property safely. You can feel confident our team will be meticulous to ensure no harm occurs to people or pets nearby and that no damage befalls nearby assets.

If you leave an unhealthy tree in place on your property, it is essentially a recipe for disaster. For example, if this weak tree falls to the ground, it can cause serious harm to people, animals, and property. You can avoid this situation altogether by calling for a free tree inspection right away.

In addition to tree removal, we can also help eliminate any bushes or plants that may have become overgrown or that are dying. These services ensure the outdoor area around your home remains immaculate and flawless. Not having to deal with twigs, branches, and leaves being dropped by sick or dead trees is another benefit of our professional tree removal services.

While removing a tree is a smart course of action, this isn’t a do-it-yourself job. That’s because the process of removing a tree is dangerous, and most people don’t have the proper tools and equipment to handle the project. If your goal is to get rid of trees safely and quickly, then our team is ready to help.

Why Niwaki Tree and Shrub?

Our team can and will remove any tree at a fair price. Having a tree removed can be stressful. There are many causes to remove a tree, whether for cosmetic reasons or because of necessity. Our expert arborists will put your mind at ease about your tree removal situation. Our intention is to provide you with fantastic service at a fair rate. That is just one of the reasons we claim to be the best local tree removal service in Rock Hill. Check out what our customers are saying in our review section.

When you are seeking to have a tree removed or cut down, we understand that the top priority is safety. We are licensed, insured and experienced. Our team has the competence, and equipment required to keep you, your family, and your home safe. The tree cutting gear that we use is top notch and help our arborists to provide you with excellent tree removal that is entirely safe.

If you have a dead tree or a rotten tree that needs to be cut down, our crew is prepared to handle the situation. We can spring into action because there may be no time to waste before that giant tree becomes a huge safety hazard, so give us a call right away! We provide quick response times for all customers, but if you require emergency tree removal services, then we will make sure that we get to you as soon as possible. If disaster strikes and you need tree removal in Rock Hill give us a call and we will be there quickly to remove any problem trees. Give us a call today for any tree related service needs you have. Our friendly support team is excited for the opportunity to discuss with you what the best options for your trees and landscape may be!

“The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.”     – Ralph Waldo Emerson