Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care has the tree trimming and tree pruning services that you have been searching for. Regular and professional trimming and pruning services are essential parts of proper tree care and maintenance. Our team of highly-trained arborists is here to help you and to provide you with the tree cutting services that you need. We are one of the only tree services in Rock Hill, SC with tree cutting services that focus on tree health. You can count on us for incredibly reliable and skillful trimming and pruning services that will leave your trees looking better than ever before.

Tree Trimming

Choose the best tree service company in Rock Hill for local tree trimming services that you can trust. Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care is here to help you to get the tree trimming services that you need. We have been cutting trees for many years and have gathered the equipment and skills required to expertly handle tree trimming for all different types and sizes of trees. Our team will ensure that your tree is trimmed as you requested. We know how best to cut trees to get them into the shape that you desire and so that they look their best.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and trimming are two similar services. The main difference is that pruning focuses more on the health and healthy growth of your trees whereas trimming services tend to focus more on the visual appearance of the trees. Our tree and shrub pruning services will ensure that your trees and shrubs are expertly taken care of and that their growth is promoted by the pruning that they receive.  Our team can help to cut away any damaged or diseased parts of trees to help them to be healthy and grow well. We will leave you with trees that look great and that are healthier than ever before.


Look no further if you are looking for top-quality landscaping in Rock Hill, SC. Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care is here with our incredible tree trimming and pruning service to help you get the landscape that you have always wanted. You can count on our team of skilled arborists to take care of your outside area. We will look after your trees, bushes, and other plants to ensure that they look their best and are as healthy as possible. Your trees will be trimmed and shaped as you desire. We’ll give you trees and plants that look beautiful and well-maintained.


Trust us if you are looking for the best tree cutters in your area. We know how best to cut your trees and shrubs so that they are not damaged in the process. Your trees and shrubs will be left healthier and looking better than ever before when you choose to use our trimming and pruning services. As well as providing you with excellent results, we also offer the most competitive tree cutter prices. You will be sure to find your perfect tree trimming or pruning service with our affordably priced and expertly provided cutting services. Choose us for the best deals in town.