Emergency Tree Service

You can find the best emergency tree services with Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care. It can be difficult to find a tree service company that you can trust and which also offers reliable emergency tree services. We pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with affordable and high-quality tree services that they can count on. You can find the best emergency tree services with our team. Choose us if you are looking for emergency tree services in Rock Hill, SC or in the surrounding areas. We will provide the emergency service that you need when you need it.

Short on Time?

An emergency situation doesn’t have to mean that there is something immediately dangerous. We understand that sometimes you are short on time and you need a tree service to be completed as soon as possible. You may be heading out of town on business or on holiday. Or perhaps you have an event coming up, whatever your reason, we are here to provide you with the emergency tree service that you need. Trust Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care to have your back with competitively priced, efficient, and amazing tree services. We can offer emergency tree removals, trimming, tree care, and stump removals for you to choose from.

Dangerous Trees

If you have unstable trees or tree branches then it is time to call in our experts. Our emergency tree services in Rock Hill, SC will ensure that your trees are made a priority and we will quickly provide your trees with the care that they need so that they are no longer a potential danger. You can count on our arborists to help you if your trees are a threat to your property or your family. Falling trees or branches can cause a lot of damage and it is essential that they are dealt with as soon as possible.

Blocked Access

You may also require our emergency tree services if you have a tree that is blocking access to or from your home or property. It is not uncommon for trees to fall or grow in such a way that they become a hazard or block essential access points. A tree that is in the way can be potentially dangerous and extremely frustrating. You can trust our team to provide you with a fast and accurate assessment as well as the expert solution that you need. We will discuss your options with you and will find the best and fastest way to stop your tree from blocking essential access.


Storms can cause a lot of damage and may leave trees in need of immediate assistance. You can call the Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care team for the emergency tree service that you need in the aftermath of a storm. We can provide a range of tree care, tree cutting, and tree removal services for you to choose from. Our team will help you to find the service that you need and we will ensure that your trees are taken care of as quickly as possible. Trust us for fast and affordable professional emergency tree services that will leave your yard looking like a storm never hit!