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Introducing Niwaki Plant Health Care

Introducing Niwaki Plant Health Care

Niwaki Tree and Shrub is a Rock Hill, SC professional tree service company.  We specialize in caring for your trees.  Our services include: professional pruning solutions, safe and effective tree removal, emergency tree services, stump removal services, health inspection and treatment services and tree replacement services.  

After spending years caring for trees, we realized that customers need care for their plants and shrubs too!  That’s why we’ve recently expanded to create Niwaki Plant Health Care! Caring for plants, trees and shrubs with an integrated plan for establishing and sustaining the long-term performance of the entire landscape is called PLANT HEALTH CARE (PHC). This incorporates landscape design, specific care practices, integrated pest management, regular monitoring, and client input and education.

Common Problems with Plants and Shrubs

Plants, shrubs and trees often have similar problems with similar solutions.  Some of the most common problems are:

  • Insects
  • Diseases
  • Abiotic Disorders
  • Fertilization and Soil Health
  • Growth Control

Niwaki Plant Health Care provides environmentally friendly services with no chemical risks. We use a Nutriblend formula that is 100% organic so that you have no worries about safety for children, pets, adults and the world!

We’re pleased that we can now offer all of our customers a one stop shop for plant, shrub and tree health! 

Everything Starts with Good Soil!

A healthy landscape requires rich soil, filled with living microorganisms. Our urban “dirt” is sterile, void of most nutrients and offers little space for oxygen and moisture due to its high compaction. This soil lacks organic matter and the living micro and macro organisms that we find in nature.

The key to managing plants so they are resistant to stress, disease and insect attack is Plant Health Care (PHC) which first emphasizes plant health to fight disease and insects naturally and second, to proactively manage plants by proper selection, installation and pruning.

Deep Root Soil Care

We employ a liquid injection process to administer nutrients to plants and shrubs within our OHC program.  The action of injecting our organic fertilizer into the ground, under pressure, gives many advantages.  These treatments replenish depleted soil with needed nutrient components and also separates & aerates compacted soil.  This allows water and oxygen to the root hairs where absorption takes place.

If your plants and shrubs are showing signs of disease and distress, Niwaki Plant Healthcare will provide free consultations and inspections to assess what your landscape needs to thrive.  Give us a call at 803-323-8211 or visit today! 

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